Tokhi teaches percussions and improvisation. Next to his purely musical activities, he works as a DrumCircle facilitator leading workshops for companies, schools and at festivals. He is the founder of a drum orchestra basing on the principle of world samba bands from Brasilian Rio de Janeiro.

A percussionist successful on Czech as well as international level, Tokhi has loved making music since childhood. He has cooperated with many artists from all over the world, just to name a few: Karel Gott, Pavel Šporcl, Jana Koubková, Vlasta Redl, Ilona Csáková, Laura a její tygři, UDG, Pavel Fajt, Emil Viklický, 100°C, Shahab Tolouie, Feng Yun Song, Vesna Caceres, Mário Bihári, Ondřej Ruml, Work – Shop & More (legendary Hiram Bullock and Freda Goodlett) and many others.

With his music, Tokhi has traveled to most European countries and the U.S. and during the EXPO 2010 he performed in China. He has played in sold out stadiums and concert halls throughout Europe. Although still young of age Tokhi is a valued studio percussionist and a respected musician on the Czech as well as international scene.

Thanks to his talent and passion he has become the face of advertising campaigns and other media presentations of companies such as mBank, AC Sparta Prague or

He works as a sponsored drummer for several producers of musical instrument: Meinl, Flix, Balbex, Cympad, Korg and Boomwhackers. In cooperation with a Polish and Norwegian company he produces own signed instruments and clothes. His teachers are masters of percussions from the U.S., Italy, Africa, Dennmark and Germany, for example Arthur E. Hull.


Tokhi is also an endorsing artist for MeinlRAV VastKytary.czFlixCympadKorgSinging SteelHarmonic Art, and Boomwhackers. Balbex (drumsticks manufacturer) makes special drumsticks according to his signature design, the Artist Signature Series (sold all over Europe).

Tokhi’s teachers include masters from the USA, Italy, Denmark, Brazil, El Salvador, France, Portugal, Germany, and India.

Alex Lora (Rio de Janeiro) – handpan, samba
Mestre Gabriel Policarpo (Niterói, RJ) – samba
Mestre Giba Goncalves (Salvador) – samba
Kabecao (Lisabon) – handpan
Dan Mulqueen (New Jersey) – handpan
David Charrier (Paris) – handpan
Holger Mertin (Cologne) – body percussion, improvisation
Janos Crecelius (Berlin) – West Africa rhythms, djembe and bass drums
Aldo Ferrara (Rome) – Afro-Cuban instruments (congas, bongo, timbales, maracas)
Hearn Gadbois (New York) – instruments of the Middle East and North Africa (darbuka, dombek)
Assaf Seewi (London) – consulting
Manan Sharma (Delhi) – sound healing
Arthur Hull (Philadephia) – founder of the modern form of DrumCircle, world renowned percussionist and facilitator.


In addition to performing live, Tokhi also teaches. He has led seminars in Germany, Slovakia, Poland, as well as in the US or India.

Tokhi has accompanied flamenco lessons with his cajon in dance studios in the Czech Republic and Germany. He is one of the most respected musicians over flamenco rhythms and the instrument itself. He is the founder of the largest online cajon school for the Czech and Slovak markets, together with the team from Music Class (a project by the Czech producers Martin Ledvina and Aleš Petržela and frontman of the band Jelen – Jindřich Polák). He is also a pioneer in a specific handpan playing style.

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