Group drumming or so called DrumCircle is one of the oldest forms of team work development. Already in the times of old Mesopotamia, the tribes would drum together at the most important celebrations, decision-making and other events. In these meetings, drums were used to increase concentration, draw attention to the topic and to bring people together and gave a common experience. Drumming increased the ability to listen, created bonds in the group, released tension, increased mutual support and trust.

The drum is the oldest instrument of human communication and can be called the oldest neurological treatment instrument. The beneficial effect of drumming is scientifically proven. The main positive effects are: synchronization of the right and left hemispheres, release of dopamins and endorphins (hormones bringing the feelings of well-being and happiness) induction of immune system and release of stress and tension in the body.
The method DrumCircle is a form of group drumming. The participants play drums or other percussion instruments under the conductance of an experienced facilitator (colorful tubes boomwhackers – every color has a different tune so that the participants can hear that each is indispensable to create the whole; wooden percussions, bells, shakers and rattles, which can be played without any previous experienced even by children from three years of age).
Drum circle is not a drumming lesson but a spontaneous expression of each individual in cooperation with the others in the group. A special emphasis is put on communication and strengthening of interpersonal relations. The facilitator leads the „drummers“ and helps them to create a bond to each other, to cooperate, to respect, listen to and trust each other.

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