Tokhi & the Groove Army – Tokhi´s newest project builds upon the principles of Brazilian samba incorporating further aspects in it. The group (20 drummers and a leader) uses typical Brazilian instruments (surdo, caixa, caxixi, pandeiro, tamborim, ganza, timba). Next to the classical samba baterria rhythms, they integrate also modern beats inspired by hip hop, r’n’b, and grooves and rhythms from all over the world. Their colorful spectrum of rhythms unites fans of different styles of music.

The Groove Army’s strong show brings everybody to spontaneous clapping and dancing, is entertaining and full of energy. It is a mobile show suitable for any kind of event or happening.

Naturally it is possible to combine the Groove Army show with a DrumCircle or a workshop where you can try playing different percussion instruments yourself!

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