Groove Army

Groove Army


The drum show Tokhi & the Groove Army is an original project rooted in the principles of Brazilian samba that goes beyond it in a number of aspects. The Groove Army consists of a group of drummers who use instruments typical for sunny Brazil to play the classical rhythms of Samba Baterrias as well as modern beats inspired by hip hop, R’n’B and grooves and rhythms from all over the world. Thanks to this vibrant spectrum of styles, the Groove Army can unite fans of various musical styles. The Groove Army brings powerful shows that sweep the audience into spontaneous reactions, entertain and energize. The Groove Army offers more. There is also the option of combining a Groove Army show with DrumCircle, where we can hand out up to 1000 drum kits or Boomwhackers and you can become part of one huge drum band.

Thanks to their choreography, costumes, the possibility of full-ensemble marches and no need for any sound system, the drummers of the Groove Army are very versatile. They are fit for concert stages, festivals, parades, V.I.P. parties, openings, shows and other events.


The Groove Army offers a unique experience and a drum show, plus we can play more than just drums as you know them! We are also popular for our industrial shows where we use just about anything as an instrument! These shows have already been used by companies such as Kofola, Ikea, Ferrari, Dopravní podnik Praha, Lexus, Coca Cola, Pilsner Urquell, Lego, Cat, and many others. We have played cars, furniture, military field kitchen, beer barrels, dishes, dismantled bulldozers, excavators and even a tank! We also recommend combining the Groove Army with DrumCircle or your workshop or seminar where you all get to try out the instruments for yourselves! We can customize each show exactly according to every client’s needs.

Our offer now also includes the royal concert project of the Groove Army: the Royal Squad.

The Royal Squad reaches over several genres and aspires to be an audiovisual show of transnational format rather than a standard concert. When creating this show, the project’s leader, Tokhi, drawn on his lifelong experience with music and his travels over most continents of our beautiful planet. The Royal Squad is a sublime representation of the best the Groove Army could ever dream up. Each concert includes an impressive intro, masks, gorgeous costumes and a fine-tuned scene. In addition to the drumming maelstrom played on the classic instruments of the band, you will also see a concert drum kit, a DJ set, a giant gong, and barrels that fill the entire stage. You have to see this.

No more games, G.A.R.S, white masks and intense beats in modern arrangements will take the audience’s breath away.

We are the Groove Army. We are the Royal Squad. We are you, you are us.

Groove Army Academy

We will teach You how to drum!
Want to be part of the Groove Army? It doesn’t matter whether or not you’ve played any instrument. It doesn’t even matter how old You are. Try our no-obligation open class, or sign up for regular lessons at the Academy right away!
We teach at our headquarters and the best of our students join us at our live shows!
(Classes are currently subject to government regulations and are awaiting re-launch)
Groove Army for Life!