Workshops, lessons, seminars

Workshops, lessons, seminars


Tokhi offers various forms of workshops, seminars and programs for any group, event or teambuilding. Time and the nature of the event itself can be individually agreed upon. Music unites people, and our DrumCircle, or the concept of corporate drumming is truly unique on the world stage. The biggest events are joined by the Groove Army, and the thrilling rhythm truly pulls everyone in. We have instruments for up to 4000 people!


Cajon is a small portable drum kit used by the biggest bands for acoustic concerts, street playing or special occasions. The cajon originated in Peru, although one the theories says that its origin dates back to playing on crates of alcohol in ports or transport ships. The cajon gained fame in Spain where it was used as an accompanying instrument for flamenco. During the workshop, participants will go through cajon techniques, learn basic rhythms (rumba, plenum,…), learn interesting facts about its history and try out various types and models of cajons. The seminar also includes body percussion. The group cajon workshop is an extraordinary experience and a unique program in the Czech Republic. Tokhi is the endorsing artist of one of the best companies producing these instruments – Meinl.

In early 2021, Tokhi created the most comprehensive online cajon course for the Czech Republic and Slovakia. He thus became part of the Music Class online platform.


A seminar interwoven with the sun and atmosphere of Rio de Janeiro is the right drum show. We will bring beautiful instruments originally from sunny Brazil and you can experience what it is like to be one of the players of the famous samba school. Thanks to the simplicity of the individual parts and rhythms, a large number of amateurs and enthusiasts devote themselves to different samba styles around the world. At the end of the workshop, you will be able to play as one big drum band. After all, what matters is what is created when everyone in the team fulfills their role, respects timing, surroundings and plays when they are supposed to play. Only then will you become a functioning musical body full of energy and power. Of course, this workshop can be combined with a Groove Army show.


Group drumming or DrumCircle is one of the oldest forms of teamwork development. It all dates back to the times of ancient Mesopotamia, where individual tribes drummed together during the most important celebrations, decisions and events. During such events, drums were used to enhance concentration, attention, interplay and the shared experience – this developed the ability to listen, bringing the collective together and releasing tension. Drumming taught people to support each other and to trust others.

The drum is the oldest instrument of human communication and we can say that it is the oldest neurological tool. The effects of drumming have been proven by many studies. The main advantages include synchronization of the right and left brain hemispheres, release of dopamine and endorphins (so-called happiness hormones), strengthening the immune system and releasing accumulated tension in the body.

The DrumCircle method is a form of group drumming where people together, under the guidance of an experienced facilitator, play drums or other percussion instruments (colored Boomwhackers – each Boomwhacker has a different tone and the participants see that they are indispensable in the unit and each has their role; as well as wooden percussions, bells, shakers and rattles, which are easy to use by children from about three years of age. As Boomwhackers partners, we have up to 5000 Boomwhackers for your party, corporate event or fun teambuilding.

DrumCircle with Tokhi is not about education, as it would seem, but rather spontaneous expression of the individual in collaboration with others in the team. Emphasis is put primarily on communication and strengthening relationships within the group. The facilitator leads the “drummers”, helps them get in touch, work with others, respect them, listen to them and trust them. We also offer the shorter form, our Symphony of Colors, where we use Boomwhackers only.

As part of the project Bubny do Škol (Drums for Schools) (, we also visit primary and secondary schools with a modified version of this program. Since 2020, we have been under the patronage of the Police of the Czech Republic.