Workshops, lessons, seminars

Workshops, lessons, seminars


Tokhi offers different forms of workshops, seminars and programs for any group or event. The final program depends on the wishes and needs of the organizer and available time-frame.


A very intensive DrumCircle (aktivní proklik na popis DrumCircle, nebo odkaz), where the participants go deep to the elementary bases of communication and the drum ceases to be a musical instrument but is a means of communication. We work with body percussion (using parts of your body as percussion instruments), a whole repertoire of games with colorful tubes (boomwhackers), movements, rhythmical games and other methods. The workshop can take up to 6 hours concluding in a complete transformation of the group. The participants get used to completely new roles in the society and discover their deficits and abilities, which they were up to now not aware of. (přihodíme nějaký fotky z menších DC, atd… )


Cajon [kaˈxon]is basically a small portable percussion set. That’s why it is used by big bands for accustic concerts, playing on the street or for special occasions.
It comes from Peru and it is said to have origin in drumming on boxes with alcohol in ports or on transport ships. Cajon has become famous in Spain, where it is used as an instrument accompanying flamenco.
The participants will try different techniques of cajon play, learn the basic rhythms (rumba, plena), learn about cajon´s history and try different types of cajon. The worshop includes body percussion – playing on your own body.
Group cajon playing is an extraordinary experience and a unique program in the Czech Republic.
Tokhi is a company percussionist of one of the best cajon producers


Seminar full of sun and atmosphere of Brazilian Rio de Janeiro. We will bring up to 20 instruments originating in sunny Brazil (surdo, pandeiro, ganza, tamborim, caxixi, caixa) and you can try the feeling of being one of the players of the famous school of samba – so called Samba baterria, which is present at the yearly carnivals.
Each part and piece of rhythm is quite simple and this makes it possible for so many samba lovers all over the world to play different styles of samba.
At the end of the workshop you will actually be able to play together as a band. It is the music that matters when each of the group plays his or her part, respects timing and other players. Then you are a functioning whole full of strength and energy.


Group drumming or so called DrumCircle is one of the oldest forms of team work development. Already in the times of old Mesopotamia, the tribes would drum together at the most important celebrations, decision-making and other events. In these meetings, drums were used to increase concentration, draw attention to the topic and to bring people together and gave a common experience. Drumming increased the ability to listen, created bonds in the group, released tension, increased mutual support and trust.

The drum is the oldest instrument of human communication and can be called the oldest neurological treatment instrument. The beneficial effect of drumming is scientifically proven. The main positive effects are: synchronization of the right and left hemispheres, release of dopamins and endorphins (hormones bringing the feelings of well-being and happiness) induction of immune system and release of stress and tension in the body.

The method DrumCircle is a form of group drumming. The participants play drums or other percussion instruments under the conductance of an experienced facilitator (colorful tubes boomwhackers – every color has a different tune so that the participants can hear that each is indispensable to create the whole; wooden percussions, bells, shakers and rattles, which can be played without any previous experienced even by children from three years of age).

Drum circle is not a drumming lesson but a spontaneous expression of each individual in cooperation with the others in the group. A special emphasis is put on communication and strengthening of interpersonal relations. The facilitator leads the „drummers“ and helps them to create a bond to each other, to cooperate, to respect, listen to and trust each other.